In order for us to print your product and have the best printing results, we have recommendations for all submitted artwork. 

What type of image of my Loved One should I use?

When you are selecting the photo to be placed on our products we recommend that you choose images that are large, clear, and free from obstructions. As your loved one will be 'clipped out' by our production team, we will need to make sure that it is easy to tell where the edges are around your loved one. A photo where they are in the background of a group photo normally will not make a good image. Blurry images submitted may make it tough to tell edges and some hair styles, but we will do our best. We are not responsible for any clipping issues if we are not able to determine where the edges are ( example, if the person has very dark hair and are in front of something of a similar color, it may be hard to tell their exact hairstyle, so we may have to try to 'guess' the edge, or reject the photo ). Uploading clear, defined photos makes our job easier and your finished product that much better!

How large of a file can I upload?

We recommend that all images, regardless of file type, be limited to 10Mb or SMALLER! Most files are well under this file size and print wonderfully on most of our products. If we require something different, we will contact you, but know that what you upload will most likely work in most situations.

What types of files can I upload?

We allow the following file types to be uploaded:

What is the minimum image size I should use for best results?
For most products, we recommend that your image be at least 150dpi and no smaller than 1000x1000 pixels. This works well for most smaller products like neckties and candles, but we recommend a larger file for items like scarves and blankets. Most photos that are only 72dpi will probably look blurry/pixelated when printed as we will have to stretch the photo to get it large enough for printing.

As part of our ordering system, we ask all of our customers if we have your permission to use your finished artwork as product samples. We will always respect the memory of your loved one and do not wish to display them on our site in any way that is not dignified.

We know our customers love to see different samples and options that are created so we are asking your permission to use the info, and likeness of your loved one on our site. There is no guarantee that the artwork will be used on our site, but as we grow we want to have product galleries that future customers can see the type of work that we do. We know that you will love our work, and want to show your artwork order with others!

If you do not wish for us to use the artwork on our site or in any promotional material, please let us know when you order and we will respect your wishes! 

A dark style design with a slate stacked stone pattern scattered throughout the blue background for a perfect way to adorn your chosen photo. The phrase "Gone but not Forgotten" is written in a styled script font for a professional look. Your loved one's name is written below their photo. This textured Satin style Neck Tie measures 3" x 59.25" and is perfect to wear with any dress shirt and jacket. White back, color front.

  • Ties include your own Personalization Photo in Vibrant Color
  • Men's Neck Tie Made of Ribbed Texture Silky 100% Polyester, Full Color Front Print
  • No Minimum Required. Most orders ship within 2-3 Days After Order Is Placed

Our 'Gone is not Forever' necktie features your loved one's photo on a textured dark stacked stone background. Under the photo is your loved ones name and the phrase 'Gone is not Forever' in a handwriting style font above the photo. The back of the tie will be white.

This design works best with a 'waist up' or 'upper body' photo of your loved one. Photos that are cropped and are missing the top of their heads may not look well when printed. Artwork that is submitted that is very small, blurry, or lower quality may have slight pixelation of the art due to enlargement, which is to be expected. The Dye Sublimation process is an 'art' and may have minor 'white spots' around creases and seams. This is normal and to be expected and is not a production/printing problem!

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Necktie - Gone is not Forever

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